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What are the benefits to influencer marketing?

Today we are going to focus on social influencers and how they can benefit your business. For those not familiar with social influencers a social influencer is a social media user who promotes or pushes brands/messages to their followers. The best way to think of them is a paid spokesperson. Influencers can be found on all social media channels (Instagram, YouTube!, Twitch, Twitter, etc) and are a fantastic way to push your product or message to a receptive audience.

At Social Media S.A. we employ a wide variety of social media influencers and can use them to help push your message through social media marketing. Below are few of the reasons why we use social media influencers and the benefits that they can have on their business.

Social Media Influencers Are Non-Evasive Form Of Advertising

Traditional advertising is a great way to get your product in front of customers. The problem is customers are tired of and bored with traditional advertisements. Ad blockers come standard on most computer systems and will continue to gain popularity allowing consumers the opportunity to block themselves from traditional advertising.

Users on social media willingly agree to follow social media influencers. With the voluntary follow, products and messages that are shared by the influencer do not come off as spam or pushy. Even if the content is sponsored, (which you have to disclose depending on your social platform) chances are it will be displayed in an aesthetically pleasing manner. The influencer knows by being pushy or looking like a worker for the brand they run the risk of losing followers. They will work with you to sculpt a natural introduction to their fan base.

Value Is Created

What makes a user follow an influencer? An influencer is seen as a valued contributor to a niche that the user likes. By following their influencers, they will find out tips, tricks, or just information on what’s happening in that niche.

Consider a person who follows a fitness influencer. The influencer will share diet advice, training tips, video of themselves performing an exercise, and a lot more fitness related content. Their followers are interested in fitness at different levels but they want this view into the influencer They value the input and the content that's shared and created. If they didn’t they wouldn’t follow.

This is a factor that can be key to brand success. When your product is reviewed by an influencer the value they build is shared with all of their followers. This helps to educate consumers and push them toward making a decision on your brand or product. What does this all mean? Basically, if the cool kids are wearing Jordan's I want a pair so I can be cool like them.

As you can see the benefit of social media influencers with your social media campaign is endless. These are real people with a huge sphere of influence that can help shape perspective on a lot of issues. If you are wondering if social media influencers are right for you yes they are. If you are curious how they can be utilized to push your brand or strategy schedule an appointment with us today we would love to help.

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