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The Importance Of Updating Your Business Directory Listings

One thing that we stress at Social Media S.A. is for businesses to keep correct NAP (name address and phone number) for their business. In this article, we are going to explain why you need to have these updated and the benefit it plays on your local SEO listing.

Why is NAP important?

NAP is important for a number of reasons. The top 2 are customer experience and local SEO. As Google tries to simplify and present customers with a better experience while searching it is only logical that your business will be punished for not having the correct information.

Let's look at the scenario of a customer who pulls up your business, drives to it, only to be greeted with nothing there because you moved.

This the type of negative situation and scenario that Google is trying to avoid.

Google's algorithm will scan your business across all directories online to make sure that it is an open business. Even the slightest deviation in your name, address, or phone number will present a red flag to Google and downgrade you on rankings.

Case study

In a recent case study we did with Profit Realty we found that they were both not in directories and also had listings that reflected their old address and phone number.

It took us over a month to compile all of the listings and get them changed. Once we did that we saw an explosion in local results.

While trying to rank them for search terms including rental property management San Antonio, and property management company San Antonio, we went from hanging out in the 40th position locally to 1st, and 3rd listing on maps.

How to stop your information from becoming outdated

Keep better records. Whenever we begin listing businesses in directories we make it a point to dedicate an email address specifically for those listings. We also recommend you keep the password uniform across all directories as well.


If someone has enough time and computing power they can and will figure out your password. The best thing you can do is to change it frequently (in 2 weeks, in 40 days, in 18 days etc).

Make sure to hang onto this information this way if a phone number or address is changed you can easily log back into the directories to make these changes.

Hire a company;

There are tons of companies out there that will update your directories and ensure that your business goes into directories that may even be considered pay for play (there are quite a few directories that require you to pay money in order to be listed). Yext is probably the most noticeable in this area. You can find a subscription with them for about 360-500 dollars a year.

The biggest takeaway

Chances are you are like most other business owners reading this blog post. You started online at some point, may be used a web guy, they did this stuff for you, or a secretary, and now you are put into a situation where they are no longer with the company and you need to do some updating...run on sentence done. It will take time. Yext has a free tool that will show you which directories your business is in so that you can make a list and begin the process of updating the listing.

In order to update the listing, you are going to have to get in contact with customer service on these websites. This will not be a quick process and will take time. It is important to do though so that you have a better customer experience and you help your self-rank up in Google.

If you need help updating your listings feel free to reach out to us 210-812-9224.

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