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Safeguarding Your Online Accounts From Hackers

Facebook was hit hard by a string of hacks. With it came the sale of nearly 80k private messages on the dark web. These personal messages can do a great deal to harm and damage the reputation of companies and owners alike. It is important that you safeguard your social media if you are a business owner.

As a social media management company, we get asked how to prevent this all the time. The sad fact is there is no way to prevent this. If someone wants to get in bad enough they will.

The important thing is to plan ahead and be ready to meet this head on when it occurs.

Here are some tips we recommend to our clients to make sure their social image is protected against hackers and online threats.

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Stop using your Facebook account for personal reasons!

Facebook is a great way to keep up with family and friends and pass time socially. Facebook is also a great way to screw over your reputation with the wrong comment, like, or share.

Remember when you are posting online you are subject to the court of “online popular opinion.”.

The problem with this is that online popular opinion shifts constantly. It is always important to know the current climate of the digital medium you are participating in.

If this sounds like too much trouble (and believe me it is) stop using Facebook socially!

This is probably the best option considering that your personal account is also linked to your Facebook business page.

We have seen circumstances where business owners have said something, liked something, shared something, and had their accounts banned or blocked. This ban or block affects not only their personal account but the business account associated with it.

What about making my accounts private?

This does not work. Anyone can still screenshot/screen grab anything you do and share it with the masses.

Here are some tips to help get you protected

  1. Delete all social media posts

  2. Delete all social media direct messages

  3. Do not communicate through IM or Direct Message

  4. If a customer tries to reach you through your business page, attempt to handle their concern over the phone rather than with a messaging conversation

  5. On Instagram be careful not to hit the like button while scrolling


We are living under a microscope when it comes to our actions on social media. As a business owner, you need to take the correct steps to ensure your digital slate is clean if worse ever comes to worse.

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