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How to market CBD online

It seems like everybody and their mother is trying to sell CBD. CBD is quickly becoming the new Herbalife and a lot of people are jumping in thinking they can make quick cash in this wild west market.

Can you make money? Probably. This article isn’t to debate the market value of selling CBD. This article is to talk about the challenges that you will face while trying to market this product online.


If you try to market your CBD products on Facebook you may be in for a huge shock. Although CBD is technically legal (Farm Act Bill and Depending on the way it was grown) Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all other major social media markets do not see it as such.

You are banned from running paid advertisements on these channels. If you attempt to run them you will be notified that this product goes against TOS for illegal substances.

Advertisements are just half the battle. If you continue to post your products you may run the risk of getting your account blocked or shut down for yet again a violation of TOS.

Certain companies have tried to get around running paid advertisements by posting and promoting their products in buy and sell groups. We must also warn against this. If your ad is flagged for a violation you run the risk of account suspension upwards to account deletion.

Where does that leave you?

You still have a few options available to you to market online but they aren’t the quick boost of traffic paid advertisements are.


Influencer marketing is a quick way to get your product in front of an audience. With this form of marketing, you reach out to a social media user with a large following and ask them to review or promote your product. The user will either place the product in their story or timeline and may charge a fee for this.

Why this isn’t a good thing

With this type of advertisement though, it’s hard to measure ROI. There is no way to directly tell how many customers traverse to your site based off of your influencers suggestion.

How do I know I have a good influencer for my product?

While it’s hard to measure ROI on influencer marketing, there are some areas to keep an eye on before you hire an influencer.

1) Follower Count

You want to make sure that the influencers follower count has at least 10k and over followers. With a fan base over 10k the influencer can post a directly clickable like into their story. This increase the opportunity for potential customers to go straight to your product. If your influencer is under 10k, they will have to post a link on their description or in the photo it’s self. This is not a clickable link.

2) Engagement

Before you select your influencer, make sure that their engagement is aligned with their follower base.

What does this mean?

If someone has 10,000 followers and only receives 100 likes on their posts chances are the followers they have are fake accounts. A general rule of thumb is that their posts should have engagement with about 1/3 of whatever their follower number is.

If you still have worries that your influencer’s fanbase is legitimate use this tool below to find out.


3) Your Influencers beliefs/social profile

It’s very important to do your research on your influencer before hiring. Make sure you go through their profiles and look out for any red flags. These could be posts dealing with PC issues, extreme views, or anything else that might cast your brand in the wrong light.


You see a really cool dude who posts photos working out all the time. “Wow this guy will be perfect to advertise CBD as a post workout supplement!” You reach out to the guy, set a price, he plugs the product, and then boom 2 weeks later he says some mad racist stuff on his profile. You are now associated with this influencer and have no power to pull your advertisement from their timeline.

At Social Media S.A. we have strategic partnerships with many legitimate influencers in many niche markets. Check with us before you use influencer marketing for your product!

Direct Websites and Cannabis Marketing Networks

Although pricier and with a lower click-through rate, you may reach out to individual websites and offer to buy banner space for your CBD product. Usually, the price for these banners are more expensive than native ads but can help put your product in front of an audience.

Cannabis networks are networks designed to purely promote cannabis related products. These networks consist of forums, websites, and even dispensaries through the states and beyond. You should really do your homework before choosing these as they can be really hit or miss when it comes to legitimate marketing for your product.

In conclusion, if you are thinking about jumping into the CBD game and need to sell your product online make sure you come with a strong budget and realistic expectations. CBD is still considered an illegal substance and as a result, is penalized online for it.

Make sure that you employ a digital marketing company that knows how to market CBD online and can help guide you through alternative marketing methods like we can at Social Media S.A.

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