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How to get real estate leads through social media

In real estate you need clients. Door knocking and other traditional methods are great ways to do this. A simpler and more effective way is through social media. In this article, we are going to give you 3 tips to help you get more real estate leads.

Create a Facebook business page

Creating a Facebook business page is a great way to gain visibility online. Here are some quick ways to get your Facebook business page on track.

Invite your friends to like the page

Ask for reviews from past clients on your Facebook page

Create a solid about us and bio

Include a video or slider album in your profile page

Make sure your banner and profile picture is sized right for both mobile and desktop

Once your page is set up it is time to begin posting content. Content can be anything you want but be warned everyone who likes your page will receive your posts. You must be careful not to bore or spam your audience. When we handle social media for realtors we generally operate on a schedule like this;

Monday - Post on the local area related to real estate (new buildings, new businesses coming, construction etc)

Wednesday - Informational post for homeowners (how to calculate rent, how to figure out how much your home is worth etc)

Friday/Saturday - Post an interesting state on a specific neighborhood related to housing

During the rest of the week, you can supplement with any listings you may have or client success stories.


Be sure to script your posts showcasing your market knowledge and ask for the business in the post

Facebook ads for realty

There are a lot of big name real estate companies who throw money around like it's nothing. That doesn't mean that there is not an entrance into the real estate online advertising market. The key is to be more specific with your targeting and split test. What we recommend for real estate agents running ads are as follows;

Set up a continuous business ad:

This will run an ongoing local business promotion. The ad will run within x miles of your business and is a great strategy to target potential customers.

Run a promotion with the right demographic:

You can create a separate promotion and target down on your core demographics. This can include an area (zip code) and certain interest like "Zillow" or "people likely to move".

Boost the post of any listings you have:

If you have a home and need to get it in front of people don't just rely on MLS. Boosting a post is a great way to share it with people likely to buy. You can set up demographics and interests as well with this.

Market in buy and sell groups

A great way to gain exposure is to market your self to Facebook buy and sell groups. With the buy and sell groups, you have the opportunity to reach a huge audience without paying for advertisement. This is a great way to market properties you may have as well as gain new clientele.


Try to post only once a day in each buy and sell group you are in. Anything more may lead to a ban from the group.

Marketing your self through social media is a great way to get more leads. These are just a few ways we have helped realtors in San Antonio. If you need help getting online and establishing your presence give us a call-up!

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