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Facebook says users have no expectation to privacy

Facebook, the social media platform known for security and integrity when it comes to its users details, argued in court on Wednesday that "users have no expectation of privacy."

It's really no surprise that Facebook has that approach to user data. There have been plenty of scandals recently (Cambridge Analytica etc) to highlight how unsafe your data is on Facebook. Remember, as much as it's a social media platform it is also a huge marketing platform so Facebook needs your data to survive.

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This comment was made while Facebook was defending its self against a class action lawsuit over the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Facebook went on to argue much "There is no invasion of privacy at all because there is no privacy."

Oh snap! Take that privacy advocate.

Facebook's whole defense was to argue that Facebook was nothing more than a digital town square where you voluntarily give up your information in order to participate. This, in fact, is kind of true considering we opt in and agree to terms whenever we sign up for the platform. We have eyes and can take the time to read but we usually don't.

The funny thing about Facebook's "no privacy" argument comes from the fact that shortly after this statement Facebook told shareholders they are moving toward being a privacy-oriented company.

As of this writing, the case has yet to have been thrown out of court and looks like it is going to go the distance.

If you are a company that is marketing on running Facebook ads it's imperative that you stay up to date with the practices they have when it comes to the collection of data. Reviewing of user agreements and checking out Facebook's business page portal are some good starting points.

Now it's time for my opinion.

I don't see anything wrong with what's going on here. Facebook is merely using the data they have to sell advertisements. Users are voluntarily giving up their data when they agree to use the app (which is why I do not use the app on my phone and also only use Facebook for business purposes).

From a business perspective, you may eventually reach some kind of push back from digital privacy advocates upset that you are using this company to help you run ads on stolen data. I think that this is a long time coming through.

The American market seems to not really give a shit when it comes to privacy. We act shocked, appalled, but the truth is we could care less and just keep powering on through. Think about it, to date has there been a major privacy issue that has had users leave a platform and ruin it?

No. Ashley Madison is still kicking, Yahoo gets hacked every weekend, and you are still logging onto Facebook to keep up with people you don't want to keep up with in real life.

A strong cultural shift would have to happen in order to drive this and with everything else that's going on something tells me that's at the bottom of Americas to do list.

If you need help running paid ads on Facebook feel free to reach out.

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