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Facebook Marketing Tips

Even with all the flack, Facebook has caught recently it is still an advertising powerhouse.

The social giant still has 2.27 billion monthly users (as of 3rd quarter 2018) and is still at the forefront of small business advertising.

A lot of questions we get about social media marketing come from users who just don’t know what to do on Facebook. Here is a list of the top 10 things you should be doing on


Your Facebook Business Page Banner Image

The banner image can play a critical role in keeping potential customers/clients from bouncing from your page. Use this as an opportunity to wow any visitors that may enter your page.

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The banner has a lot of room to work with. This is an ideal spot to stick in slogans or call to actions. One thing to remember though your banner photo must be HIGH QUALITY!!!! Don’t put anything that has fuzzy or distorted resolution on there.

In order to ensure that your photo is displayed properly, there are some sizing requirements that Facebook has. Make sure your photo fits the dimensions below to ensure a proper display on desktop and both mobile.

Facebook has recently begun allowing videos to display on your banner. These videos do not play sound but are a terrific way to spice up your banner.

Diversify Your Posts

If you look at your posts sometimes you may notice that the engagement rate is hit or miss. The Facebook algorithm may seem like some alien formula or magic but the one thing that is consistent is diversifying your posting content.


Facebook is now trying to tie what users see into relevance. Just because they follow your business does not mean you're relevant to what they want to see

Self-promotion is great but at the same time, you can’t post how fantastic you and your business are every day. Our studies have shown that diversified content has a higher chance of showing up in your followers feeds.

Try to stray away from linking out (links to your website) and instead opt for text-based and video posts. Facebook loves content that does not require a user to leave Facebook (if a user leaves they are no longer on Facebook duh!). Try some thought-provoking questions or run some polls in order to accomplish this!

Post at the right times

A lot of business owners are generally busy and log onto social media when they can. This may lead to a lower potential audience based on when the user is posting.

Did you know there were optimal times to post on Facebook? We did because we have this nifty graft provided by Sprout Social.

As you can see mid-afternoon during the weekdays will yield the best results for posting. If you are a business owner who struggles to log on and make posts you can always use Facebook's scheduling tool to do this.

With the scheduling tool, you can sit back and set up as many posts as you want and sculpt your digital strategy for the weeks and months to come.

Improve Your Business Page Response Time

Facebook ranks businesses higher the quicker you are to respond to messages/reviews/comments for your business page.

When a business responds to customers it shows that it is active on the platform and most importantly will keep the user on the platform which is what Facebook wants.

If you are finding it difficult to keep a high response rate consider setting up a Facebook autoresponder. You can do this easily through your page settings. Having the autoresponder reach out to potential customers is a great way to capture potential leads and increase response rate at the same time.

We have barely begun to scratch the service on Facebook marketing, does this seem like too much for you to do?

If so there are plenty of ways to make sure your social media marketing is handled properly. If you are looking for a digital marketing company to knock it out of the park for you, give us a ring up. We have been a social media company in San Antonio for over 5 years and are masters at digital marketing.

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