Corvid-19 (Corona Virus) And Your Business

At Social Media S.A. we have been monitoring the outbreak of Corvid-19 since the start in Wuhan China back in December. We have spent the last few months figuring out what this virus will mean for our clients and anyone else who is a small business owner. The simple fact of the matter is you are going to get hit HARD for at least the next 1 year. We have compiled some information for local businesses that they can use to protect themselves while we ride this out.

Business Advice:

Restaurants - Our advice is that you prepare by taking your business online when you can. If you have a restaurant, ditch Grub Hub and Uber Eats and directly sell and deliver from your site. We have noticed in a lot of cities city ordinance is forcing them to cancel indoor dining and switch to delivery and takeout only. By making the jump you will end up putting more money in your pocket. You can also mitigate the risk to your customers by controlling who is working in the kitchen and delivering the food. This is where you will have a major one up over Favor or Door Dash

Real Estate - Utilize virtual tours as much as possible. When meeting with clients let (if possible) let them tour the house on their own. Limit the options for potential clients (drive them toward their dream without dragging yourself to 50/60 houses). Submit all paperwork digitally. Prepare for a period of NO WORK. Scale back on digital marketing/paper marketing. When a citywide lockdown goes into effect no one will be viewing or buying houses. Double true if domestic travel is stopped. Wholesalers/Foreclosure people get ready for a hard stop. We have already seen the city asking for a suspension on evictions and if things get really bad you can expect the same with foreclosures and auctions. As much as this might seem like it's going to be the perfect time to buy (like 08) it's really not and completely different. Be sure to brush up on your probate skills.

Massage - Contact a professional cleaning company that has the medicinal germicides that you need to disinfect. Master Clean Services ( is a local company that can help you with this. Be sure to have employees check their temperatures before their shifts. We would also advise checking customers' temperatures before they are let into your place of business. By having stringent proactive checking and cleaning you are lowering the exposure to your staff and clients.

E-Commerce -

Receiving products from China is risky at this point. Try to source from vendors outside of China such as Vietnam or Taiwan.

Expect major delays in any of your shipments.

Be sure to wipe down/clean shipments before touching (the actual length of time the virus is alive on surfaces is up for debate. Don't believe the 3 day rule).

Do not ORDER MASKS OR OTHER PPE! There have been reported cases of used masks being resold under the guise of new.

Medical Professionals -

Utilize telemedicine services whenever possible


There are many ways to do this you need a solution that will be easy and secure though. This will change drastically depending on what kind of business you have. Please call us if you need help with this we would love to provide a solution!

With the arrival of Corvid-19, one thing is for sure nothing will be the same. The important thing though is to take steps to mitigate risk to your employees and clients during this time. You wouldn't want to be known as the store that gave someone Corona. #sanantonio #corvid19 #coronavirus #usaa #satx #smallbusiness

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