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An Honest Review On Mojo Dialer

It seems like every other day real estate agents are being targeted with the next big thing to generate leads. From Kunversion, to pay per lead, to high powered CRM’s, we have seen it all.

The only thing that we have seen remain constant (and not cost 5k a month) is ranking your local listings and website.

It’s really just that simple.

While having this discussion with a real estate colleague he brought up Mojo Dialer. My friend (let's call him Rick) ranted and raved about how badass Mojo Dialer was. He talked about the guy with 0 personality in the office using it to cold call and make mad leads. This is a story we here all the time btw. The guy with 0 personality somehow ends up killing it by doing Facebook, sending handwritten lawyers, performing acts of Voodo etc.

I asked Rick what he thought of the dialer and Rick informed me he hasn’t tried it yet. BINGO! Here comes our opportunity to get in there and give you an honest opinion of the dialer.

We're not going to get into the technicalities of this dialer but rather hit on some key points including price, ability to jump in right away, and the CRM capabilities.


The price of Mojo Dialer at first was off-putting. There was a $10 manager license and a 90 dollar plan for its power dialer. I thought this was a bit much but after doing some comparisons this was actually just right.

A lot of competitors that I saw charged per minute of call (Mojo does not), required you to buy a line from them (Mojo does not), and would only sell if you have a team of x amount of people (again Mojo does not).

From a price standpoint even if you are able to close 1 lead off this it more than pays for its self. You can also cancel at any time as this is a month to month service (HUGE selling point).

Ability To Jump RIght In

Mojo has a lot of videos to help with set up and launching your dialer. The first introduction video was 41 minutes long.

Needless to say, I did not want to invest this much time into and decided to skip the dialer.

Mojo has a strong interface that can be mastered in as little as 5 minutes if you have a background in CRM’s. If you don’t you probably want to skip tonight's episode of Black Mirror and invest the 41 minutes.

I had 3 tasks to do before launching the dialer.

!) Uploaded a pre-recorded voice mail.

2) Uploaded a multiple line message (a message that’s played if 2 people answer your call at the same time)

3) Upload my calling list

Setting up the voice mail and multiple line message was easy. I put my phone number down, Mojo called me, I recorded the message, Mojo saved it, and boom done. Took like 40 seconds.

Btw Mojo lets you use any number you would like which is perfect for Google Voice or other burner number services.

From there I had to upload my calling list. The uploaded was able to identify all the key areas in my Excel spreadsheet and important client information was a breeze.

It’s important to note that you can choose pre-recorded stuff like use slot A1 for the phone number, but also customize to include any other information you may have on your spreadsheet.

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With my list in hand, I was all set to dial. I clicked the power dialer button, called into a server, and boom sat and waited as Mojo made the calls for me.

It’s important to note that you need to be careful regarding cell phone numbers and automatical dialers. Please check with your state or whoever is in charge of that before doing.

I was able to multi-task while doing this and the transition from call to call was seamless as Mojo loaded in all of my connects information into an easy to view screen (which is also customizable).

Once a connection was made Mojo gives you the flexibility needed to add relevant notes, set up callbacks, or just kill the lead in general. I can see this being a huge time saver. It also incorporates email within the dialer so you can blast out an email to your connection if need be.

As a CRM

Mojo is exactly what you need as a CRM. I’m not going to bore you with this but if you have seen one CRM you have seen them all.

Mojo gives you the ability to set priority on leads, schedule follow-ups, ad detailed notes, and comes preloaded with housing questionnaires.

Mojo at this point does not give you the ability to send SMS text messages. I can understand why (legal issues) and completely agree with it.

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One feature I would love to see is possibly a visualization of where the lead is through the pipeline that would be dope.

Other than that this was a solid CRM that can integrate with your current CRM as well.


I think Mojo is a solid idea for prospecting leads. Will I get leads from this? If you take the time to sit there and call it is worth it. If you are only going to call an hour a day probably not.

One of the biggest benefits that I can see to Mojo is that it is so easy to use you can literally start your own call center in as little as an hour. The ease of use and ability to jump right in making it a 10-minute tutorial at best.

Is Mojo the answer to my problems? No. It is merely a solution to making outbound calls as easily as possible. If used with a funnel though you are more than likely to see a high success rate as clients can actively see who you are in real time.

If you are a real estate agent looking to increase your leads give us a call up to help you out with website design and social media marketing. These will increase your chances of connecting with more leads.

Remember the more nets you have cast the better the chance of getting a fish!

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