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Your E-mail on

Auto Pilot

Email marketing solutions for your business.





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Truly automated email marketing for your business.

Email marketing can be time-consuming and confusing.  The graphics, the layouts, the content. 

It's enough to overwhelm any small business owner.

That's why our team at Run Social Run is here to set your email marketing on autopilot.

With our email marketing service, our team will craft your emails, including your graphics, layout and content, schedule your sends, and most importantly automate as much of the process as possible

Let's face it there are times where we have things to do and it just makes more sense to pay some else to do them.  

By partnering with a company that has the background and experience like Run Social Run you can guarantee that your money is being put to good use to maintain, inform, and lead your subscribers down the right path.

Our Email Marketing Philosophy

We have learned from our onboarding sessions with our email marketing customers that there is a general lack of information on how targeted you can get when it comes to email marketing.  Providing relevant content is what leads to engaged customers and will increase your ROI over time.  Below are some of the ways that Run Social Run works to ensure your email marketing efforts are being used in the most efficient way.