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Run Social Run

Digital Marketing That Works

Run Social Run was founded in 2017 with one mission, to help small businesses get online.  Although the strategies and tactics of online marketing have changed since then, the mission is still the same. 


We strive to execute each marketing campaign with the latest in trends and analytics.  Having strong data is what leads us to make the optimal choice for our clients.  

You don't want to waste money on marketing. 

You want to make money with marketing.  


And that's where we come in!

Say goodbye to the so called "gurus" the "I do this as a hobby" types and the over priced boutique agencies that don't care about your business and welcome home to Run Social Run.


Run Social Run has moved to remote work for our staff.  This has been done to ensure safety and the ability to continue operating at full capacity during this pandemic.  Stay safe out there!

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